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  • Michael Cavalieri
    Sales and Leasing

  • Diane Marquez
    Finance and Investment Manager
    631.724.0400 Ext-1

  • Wayne Johnson
    General Service Director
    631.724.0400 Ext-1

  • Nicole Lisa
    Office Manager
    631.724.0400 Ext-1

    Nicole started with us as our DMV New/Used Auto Biller. After a short time it was obvious that she was capable of many more tasks and responsibilities throughout the Accounting Department. After a short time Nicole was offered and in-depth training program which lasted approximately one year to become our next Office Manager which she gracefully accepted and excelled. She is currently responsible for the entire Accounting Department regarding its' inner workings, personnel, policies and procedures.

  • Luann Fiorentine
    DMV + Vehicle Coordinator
    631.724.0400 Ext-1

  • Bianca Kamback
    Volvo Showroom Receptionist
    631.724.0400 Ext-0

  • Maureen Seibel
    Volvo Showroom Receptionist
    631.724.0400 Ext-0

  • Jay Gee
    General Manager
    631.724.0400 Ext-1

  • Frank Viscuso
    Volvo New/Used Sales & Leasing
    631.724.0400 Ext-1

  • Dan Lohse
    Volvo Service+Parts Advisor

  • Gavin Gadzinski
    Volvo Technician
    631.724.0400 Ext-2

  • Hayden Bloomfield
    Volvo Technician
    631.724.0400 Ext-2

  • John Passantino
    Volvo Parts Specialist
    631.724.0400 Ext-3

    John has been at Smithtown Volvo for over 30-years! He has seen it all and a little bit more. He continually strives to satisfy our customers each and every day. John was recently voted Shop Steward of our United Service Worker's Union by his colleagues and co-workers because of his listening skills and the ability to tackle many different situations. Working as a Master Volvo Parts Specialist requires not only many years of experience, but additional extensive Volvo training in all facets of automotive operations and functions.

  • Robert Walter
    Volvo Technician
    631.724.0400 Ext-2

    Rob began his career with Smithtown Volvo back in 1988 and has never looked back. He has achieved Volvo's Master Technician status year after year and has always participated in the annual ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) program always maintaining the highest level of excellence. Technology is continually becoming more and more advanced each and every year as the Volvo product-line increases and changes. This is where the need for Volvo Factory Specialized Tools for each and every model has grown. Called; Special Tools, they are exclusive to only Volvo Retailers in the USA and Canada and what an investment they have become. Rob has been responsible for these Special Tools for over two decades making sure they are stored properly, numbered and filed accordingly and up to Volvo's inventory levels and standards. Thank you Rob for a job well done!

  • Matt Gates
    Volvo Prep+Detailing Specialist
    631.724.0400 Ext-2

  • Frank Miletti
    New/Used Sales and Leasing
    631.724.0400 - Ext 1

  • Anthony Fernandez
    Volvo Technician
    631.724.0400 Ext - 2