Many things make a luxury wagon what it is. From high-end cabin materials to a plethora of standard safety features, the Volvo V90 is the very definition of a luxury wagon. It's our job at SMITHTOWN VOLVO CARS to help inform you of the many safety features seen in the V90.

A rearview camera makes sure you can back out of a parking space safely. You can't always see every angle while in reverse. The camera significantly helps the process, making sure you are in the clear as you exit your space.

The blind-spot monitoring system is another great feature. It will actively notify you when something is occupying the blind-spot of your vehicle. You won't be unnerved merging thanks to this feature. There's much to be excited about in terms of the safety features of the V90. Come see more at our showroom in Saint James. Test drive the vehicle to experience luxury first-hand.


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