Motoring Safety and Your Winter Tires

During the wintertime, you must pay particular attention to ensuring that your vehicle is outfitted appropriately for the season. This includes having proper tires on your vehicle. There are a trio of winter tires to consider.

Studded tires come with actual studs designed into the tread. This type of tire provides maximum traction in wintertime weather conditions. Studdless tires snow and ice provide a considerable degree of traction, usually enough to maneuver even some of the harshest winter driving conditions. Finally, performance tires are a durable derivation. These tires are well-suited to cold weather motoring when there is a smaller amount of snow and ice.

If you need to have your tires swapped out, visit our team at SMITHTOWN VOLVO CARS. We are located conveniently in Saint James and can make sure your vehicle is safe and ready for winter, including with the most appropriate seasonal tires.


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