The Volvo XC60 remains a favorite of owners who prefer the convenience of driving a compact SUV. The vehicle is easy to drive and maneuver while offering great fuel-efficiency. The XC60 might be small but it does not lack in the performance department. Experience the joy of owning the compact model by visiting our Volvo sales facility and taking a test drive.

The SUV offers the best of both worlds, as it comes equipped with a gas engine and an electric motor. The combination is fully capable of delivering up to 400 horsepower. When venturing along the open road, XC60 owners get a fuel rating of up to 59 mpg.

Choose the driving mode that best suits your style and fuel economy desires. The Pure mode uses electricity only and is ideal for daily commutes. The Power mode combines the engine and motor for optimal response and performance. The Hybrid mode varies between the engine and motor for efficiency.



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