Many people enjoy the room and comfort that a full-sized sedan provides. However, for people who additionally demand a quality, luxury vehicle, the Volvo S90 remains a top option. See the S90 Inscription in all of the sedan's elegant glory at your local Volvo sales location. Make arrangements to take a test drive.

Regardless of the body color chosen, the chrome accents help make the S90 a dramatic statement. Polished chrome makes up the front grille, the Volvo badge, vent and window surrounds. Chrome trim also accents the S90's lower body. The headlights boast Thor's hammer design.

The interior features leather upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and leather accents throughout. The front seats also contain heating elements and ventilation to ensure a comfortable ride in town or on the highway. Authentic walnut and matte chrome accent the dashboard and door panels. Laminated and tinted windows enhance safety while bolstering internal climate control.



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