Drive Comfortably with the Volvo V90's Abundant Safety Features

If you drive long distances from home, it's important to choose a luxury wagon with advanced safety features. That's why we're proud to carry the popular Volvo V90. With its innovative technology, this car keeps you comfortable while increasing safety.

During road trips, cruise control helps you conserve fuel and reduce braking. The Volvo V90 takes things a step further with adaptive cruise control. This system automatically adapts to the speed of the driver in front of you, so you can adjust to the flow of traffic without constant braking and acceleration.

It's easy to miss important road signs while you're driving. With the V90's forward camera, you can stay aware. The camera reads the signs and displays it on your dashboard for easy, safe viewing. With the V90, it's easy to stay aware and comfortable on longer drives. To see if the V90 fits your style, test drive one today at Smithtown Volvo Cars.



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