Stay Alert in the Volvo S60

Whether you're driving on busy streets or cruising on a long and empty road, the Volvo S60 can keep you safe and alert. This popular luxury compact sedan is available with advanced safety technology that acts as a second pair of eyes. We here at Smithtown Volvo Cars are excited to show you what the S60 can do.

The Lane Keeping Aid system is great for long drives. It uses a series of cameras and sensors to keep track of the road markings. It's intelligent enough to know when you're in your lane and when you're not. If you drift out of your lane, the car may alert you with haptic vibrations on the steering wheel or with audible alerts.

The Oncoming Lane Mitigation system takes that technology a step further. If you start to drift into the next lane when another vehicle is coming from the other direction, the car will automatically guide you back to safety.



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