Volvo S90 Embodies Comfort and Utility

The Volvo S90 is a popular and luxurious full-size sedan. The S90 provides drivers and passengers with several important benefits that include an ingenious driver display system, a digital assistant, and touchscreen backup.

The Volvo S90 empowers drivers with the convenience its specialized heads-up display. This heads-up display system presents drivers with high-level information on the windshield before them. This enables operators to see roads and also monitor important vehicle related information. To back this up, the Volvo S90 provides drivers with voice control capability that allows them to manipulate many important functions. Whether drivers need to operate navigation systems, climate control systems, or even media systems, the voice control package makes life easier.

The S90 also allows drivers to use the specialized Volvo On Call system to remotely interact with their vehicles. Some On-Call features include remote start and automatic emergency service contact. In addition, the S90 offers ample backup in the form of the Sensus touchscreen system.



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