Driving Safely With Pets in the Car

If your four-legged friends frequently travel with you in your car, Smithtown Volvo Cars encourages you to pay attention to these safety tips which can keep your pets and you safe on the road.

Pets should never be allowed to room free within your vehicle's cabin. Restrain them with special pet-friendly seat belts in the back seat or secure them in proper pet carriers. Pets should never be allowed to ride on your lap or in the front seat. Be certain they are wearing collars containing up-to-date contact information and that their microchip information is also current. Before traveling with them on long road trips, have your pets get used to your car with shorter runs.

Keep vehicle windows rolled up to prevent pets from sticking their heads out the window and never, ever leave pets in an unattended vehicle. Taking safety precautions helps you and your pets enjoy safe travels!



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