A Few Ways to Avoiding a Tire Blowout on Your Vehicle

Avoiding a potential tire blowout requires paying closer attention to the health of the car tires more frequently. Here are a few things the Smithtown Volvo Cars service team wants you to consider concerning the car tires.

Take a minute to look for anything out of the ordinary with your car tires. If you see an obstruction in the tire, never try to remove it or plug it. Cracks and bulges in the tire tread or uneven wear patterns could cause the tire to fail on the road. If your car tires hit a pothole or slam into the curb, it could easily upset the balance of the front end alignment. When this happens, the tires wear unevenly and increase the chances the tires could fail at high speeds because of the wear on weaker parts of the tire.

Bring your vehicle to the Volvo service center at our Saint James, NY dealership so we can carefully inspect the tires and get your vehicle on a regular tire rotation schedule.

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