Three Reasons Sedans are no Match for SUVs

Most people start out with a sedan or couple, but at some point the limitations of these vehicles can be enough to make drivers consider switching to an SUV. These are a few of the advantages SUVs have:

  • Passenger comfort: Naturally, a larger car will have much more space and leg room for its passengers. In addition to being able to fit more of your family and friends into your SUV, they will also be a bit more comfortable than they'd be in a smaller vehicle.
  • More cargo capacity: SUVs can hold an impressive amount when compared to sedans and coupes. You will no longer have to deal with the frustration of not being able to transport everything in one trip.
  • Off-road capability: An SUV is a more robust vehicle than a sedan, and it is much better equipped to handle non-standard driving surfaces.

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