Engine Radiator Hose Pressure Tests Can Prevent Overheating

The special fluid that is known as radiator fluid is a star player on the cooling system team. This hardy liquid braves rapid temperature changes from minute to minute, and in the process, it develops considerable system pressures. These pressures are necessary to a certain extent. Pressurized radiator fluid better resists the effects of boiling and evaporation, and it can preserve its ability to cool the engine as a result. While these forces are relatively weak, over time they can take a toll on the weaker cooling system components like the hoses.

Old or damaged hoses can form cracks and bulges that can slow the flow of coolant, and they can eventually fail completely. If you check your hoses on a regular basis you can avoid these unfortunate effects, but it can also help to enlist the help of skilled professionals for more involved cooling system tests. At our facility in the Saint James, NY area, our certified and experienced cooling system technicians can inspect your hoses and the rest of your cooling network components and replace your car parts with OEM-approved replacements. To talk to our experts - come by Smithtown Volvo Cars today.

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