Your Belts and Hoses are More Important Than You Think

Your car needs all sort of fluids to run properly. The most common of these are oil, coolant, and gasoline. These fluids are used in all parts of the vehicle and are transported around to different parts of your motor by a series of different hoses. The hoses are generally made of rubber or flexible steel, and like other parts of your vehicle, they need to replaced on a regular schedule. We are happy to provide Volvo service in Saint James, NY here at Smithtown Volvo.

Failure of any hose can cause significant and costly engine damage. Running your vehicle with low levels of motor oil or coolant can result in needing a total engine replacement. If you notice faster than normal fluid consumption or leaking fluids, your vehicle needs to be checked immediately.

Our excellent service team can do a complete diagnostic check on your vehicle's hoses and make sure none need to be replaced. Do not wait for a burnt out engine or other costly repair, set up an appointment today.

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