Learn About Your Headlights

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety carries out loads of tests on new vehicles to make sure they are safe for consumers. Although they can’t necessarily pull any cars or trucks off the United States market, they can, in fact, inform people of what cars are bad choices. On their four-step rating scale related to vehicular headlights, a strong majority of the vehicles tested – new makes of popular SUVs, cars, trucks, and vans – got the lowest rating possible, "poor." Such means that they had loads of glare in front and on the sides of lamps, were dim – just, overall, poor bulbs.

What can you do to improve poor headlights? You should check your lights for color. If they’re anything other than a bright, pure white, buy brand-new LED or HID light bulbs. You should then clean the front of each setup’s lenses. Also important is to purchase additional exterior lights, for maximum coverage.

You could stop by Smithtown Volvo Cars here in Saint James, NY and allow us to do the hard work for you at our headlight repair center. Schedule service through our dealership today!

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