Discover New Volvo V90 Safety Features

The Volvo V90 is one of the safest vehicles on the road. With the highest safety rating in its class, the Volvo V90 once again proves that it can take on anything and prevent you from getting hurt using amazing new driver assistance tools. With Intellisafe, V90 is able to detect the road and auto-brake at intersections. It’s also one of the safest vehicles for its high safety in front-end collision prevent. In fact, the V90 did so well that it received all high scores on every portion of the test.

Volvo also has other features that can be included with driver assistance. This includes blind spot monitoring, lane departure assist, and adaptive cruise control. You can also use pilot assist technology to guide your vehicle with gentle car inputs to make sure that you stay within the lane. There’s also more cameras available, including a bird’s eye view of your vehicle with the 360 degree technology.

You can test drive a new V90 when you visit Smithtown Volvo Cars for more information.



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